Myotonology or Facial Toning is a non-invasive procedure of a facial toning and lifting by exercising face muscles using galvanic micro current. Beside toning and lifting the face muscles, low micro current tends to increase skin and muscle metabolism, circulation, and oxygenate the
blood improving skin tone, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and increasing hydration and nourishment of the skin. Myotonology provides cumulative results to enhance the facial structure and overall health of the skin. It also helps special serums penetrate deep within the skin for a beautifully glowing result. Treatments will make the face look healthier, younger, toned and refreshed. 
Circulation: Increasing the blood circulation-nourishm
ent of the muscles and the skin is improved which helps to maintain tonus. The tissue is flooded with blood, which provides nutrition and removes waste products. The proper chemical balance is achieved and the tissue becomes healthier. Increasing the lymph circulation- detoxification of the skin is improved.

Micro-Contraction: By stimulating a nerve with electrical impulses, we are able to cause a micro-contraction in a muscle that allows for tightening or relaxation of the muscle. This process rejuvenates the muscles and returns them to the proper tonus.

Cerebral Effect: By exciting the nerves of the peripheral nervous system, we are able to imitate the neurological impulses that create and maintain muscle tone. This effect "reminds" the brain to initiate more of these impulses. This effect lasts for 24 – 48 hours and is why you see an increased effect after a few hours or overnight. In a series of Myotonology treatments, this effect is cumulative.

During a session, we stimulate muscle fibers with low electrical impulses, and as a result, proper tone of muscles is restored. Micro current re-energizes the whole body even we work just on face. As well, it has healing effect on endocrine and immune system.

For the visible result, it is necessary to do one visit per week for five weeks because this is the time for cells to turn over. After 15 visits or earlier, you look 10 years younger. Maintenance can be every 1-3 months. Facial toning is not intended to replace plastic surgery, but is an attractive alternative for those who want to take a more conservative approach to looking younger.

Try Myotonology for a special occasion or complete a series to bring your face back to its ultimate appearance naturally!